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Seymour Care Home
Seymour Care Home began providing for EMI in 2007 and from the outset we wanted to create a special kind of care for people who needed a residential home due to dementia problems. We researched extensively the best practise for dementia care today, with Bradford University and the Alzheimer's Society.

We aim to have a relaxed approach and informality to create a sense of homely community living. This is helped by the small number of residents. The colour scheme of the doors and corridors helps residents to find their way around the home. Pictures they recognise on their bedroom doors also helps orientation.

Resident's behaviour is not challenged if they want to pack up their belongings, for example we give them a box.

If as often happens residents have dressed themselves in maybe a combination that does not quite go, we do not make them change, we recognise the fact they are happy they have achieved a skill that you and I take for granted.

We do not make them conform to our worlds, rather we see them as being unique individuals and we believe that mistakes do not matter.

Staff, family and friends play a pivotal role in contributing to resident's sense of well-being identity, sense of control, hope and self confidence.

You need to have a good sense of humour, be patient and be able to give strong emotional support to your relative or friends through this difficult disease.

They may not always remember your name or who you are, but they will respond by being recognised and to be greeted by a warm and smiling face who is genuinely pleased to see them.

People who ofter suffer with dementia can have very varied days and you must recognise this. If you find your relative is having an off day, be positive, support them and come the next time, they maybe quite calm and well. Make the most of these days and enjoy their company.

We encourage residents to take an active role in the running of their home. Do not be surprised if they are doing domestic tasks, or helping each other.

Residents love to make cups of tea, if they are able. If co-ordination and functions are not possible just being near someone that is making the tea makes them feel part of the social world around them.

We like to have outings and trips and you would be most welcome to join us. Staff are happy to help you take your resident out for the day to give you advice and support.

Remember that people with dementia need time to talk and listen with people who can tune in to the sense of  that is happening to them.

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