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Q. Will I have to pay the full costs of my care?
This is dependant on your capital (savings, investments, etc). If your capital is below £22500 then your local authority will pay towards the cost of your care at Sable Cottage. If it is above this figure, you will have to pay the fees in full yourself.

Q. Is my home counted as an asset?
Unfortunately, your home is included in your assets if you live alone or you and your spouse are both moving into a care home.

Q. What funds will the NHS provide?
If you are assessed as requiring nursing care and even if you have to pay your own costs, the NHS should make a contribution to your nursing homes fees if they assess that you need care from a registered nurse. This contribution is called the Registered Nursing Care Contribution (RNCC) and is payable whether you are paying the full costs or the local authority are contributing towards the fees. The current weekly rate for eligible residents is £108.70.

Q. What will I have to pay if the local authority are funding my care?
You will be expected to make a contribution towards the fees as assessed by the local authority. This amount will normally be your total weekly income (including your pension) less £20.45, which they will allow you to keep for personal expenditure.

Q. Are there any benefits that I can claim?
As not everyone's situation is the same, there is no straightforward answer to this question. However, it is quite likely that you will be eligible for Attendance Allowance, which does not depend on your capital, savings or income.

Q. Where can I get more advice?
The funding of nursing home care is, as I am sure you are aware by now, a very complex subject depending on the individual's circumstances. We would strongly advise that you seek advice about your own individual circumstances and try to accumulate as much information as possible. There are various organisations offering specialist advice, such as:

Counsel and Care 0845 300 7585
Age Concern 0808 808 6060
Help the Aged 0808 800 6565
Social Services  
Benefits Agency  
Independent Financial Advisors  
Insurers who specialise in care fees planning

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